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Voyager Training

Cedarwood Training Suite PhotoWe firmly believe that all software should be intuitive and this has become an important feature of all our products. That’s why our customers find our products simple to understand and more importantly simple to use. That said, training is still a very important aspect of our support services.

It's important that each new customer gets off to a flying start and that means that every user gets the right level of training to suit their individual needs. First impressions last therefore the quality of training supplied is very important to us. In a customer satisfaction survey, 93% thought that our training was above average.

Of course, training is relevant not only for new customers, but also existing customers. With new staff and product changes, keeping your knowledge and that of the overall business up to date is the key to being ahead of your competition, and driving your market, not just reacting to it. However, whether you’re a new, or an existing customer it’s paramount that the service we offer is exceptional.

That’s why our training staff experienced in recruitment software training and are full time Voyager employees. We don’t use contractors to do our training. This means that our trainers are involved in the development, testing and implementation of the Voyager products. They are involved in the products from the ground up, from conception to delivery.

Not only are our trainers professional trainers, they’re application and recruitment specialists. The below words and phrases have all been taken from our customer feedback forms:


We offer structured courses or bespoke days. Feel free to contact us to discuss your rerquirements and let us help put a training plan in place for your most valuable assets - your staff!