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Set up as a recruiter

I’m a fantastic Recruiter but how do I set up as a recruiter on my own with little cash!

Even the best recruiters are likely to find themselves short of cash – Getting the Bentley serviced is rarely cheap!

If you’re a fantastic recruiter, or even an average one, there are few things you need to consider in the early months.

Consider you may not get paid for 4 months or more - even if you make a placement in the 1st month, can you survive with no income for 6 months?

You’ll need a database solution of some sort, but shop around its a competitive market and some suppliers offer payment terms which allow you to back-load the payments,

or better still pay for the solution on a monthly basis.  But don’t rule out buying software outright... installing it on your laptop may be cheaper than renting it over 12 months.

Get a website, but it doesn’t need to be too flash – examples of placements you’ve made are often better for prospective candidates than a job search section with no results.

Do you need an office? – You can work from home but working alone can be very challenging in the early months, will you hack it?

Network with other start-ups and take all the advice you can – the ‘Grow your business’ event in London, would be a good place to start

Choose your suppliers wisely – you can’t afford your software supplier, website designer or your factoring company going bust

Be flexible, very – it’s a tough world out there, but you don’t need many placements to earn a good living!