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Mar 2008 - Voyager Announces the Release of its New Industrial Product

dl_pdfVoyager Software launches software aimed at recruitment of temporary industrial staff.

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Voyager Software announces the launch of a new software product aimed at making it easy for agencies to manage the recruitment process for their temporary industrial workers. The new software will massively simplify the recruitment of temporary staff such as pickers, packers, stackers and drivers, automating the entire process from managing and fulfilling the bookings through to payment and invoicing. This streamlines many tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks.

Many agencies in this sector currently work using a disparate process involving pens, paper, whiteboards and spreadsheets, having to manually ensure sourcing, invoicing and payment of staff takes place. An agency using Voyager Industrial has all this taken care of in one easy-to-use system, meaning all bookings are fulfilled, workers paid at the correct rates and invoices immediately sent.

The new software is ideal for any recruitment agency looking to place a high-volume of short term candidates. At the centre of the software is a specialized planner, which allows recruiters to have full visibility of where individual candidates are and which candidates are available. Industrial allows recruiters to quickly fill bookings by automatically suggesting candidates, at the same time ensuring they are compliant with relevant legislation.

Simon Warburton, Managing Director at Voyager said, “This means the end for dull and time-consuming administration tasks. The new Voyager Industrial product is an excellent tool for allowing agencies to effectively place and manage a high-volume of temporary workers. This allows people to move away from the myriad of spreadsheets and the disorganized whiteboard approach – letting them concentrate on their core business of filling bookings as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst also having the time to work on expanding their client base.

“Too many agencies waste time with manual records or inflexible systems and are always double checking legislative requirements such as the right to work in the UK or regular checks of driving licenses. Industrial can automate all this in a customizable, yet simple to use system. Furthermore, when used with Voyager Mid-Office, it will provide the complete solution through to payroll and invoicing. Gone are the days of processing each timesheet twice – once for payroll and then again for invoicing. Pointless duplication of effort is now a thing of the past.”

Voyager Industrial is available now..