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Jun 2010 - Recruiters Expect More from Software Partners

photo-paul-thompsonRecruiters expect that little bit more from their Software partners

Voyager Software – Recruiters are on the move, moving from old traditional databases to more flexible, and more accessible ‘cloud’ platforms. A trend pre-empted, noticed and addressed by Voyager.

Voyager has transformed their business in the past 24 months to meet the growing demand for remote users with remote support issues. “Supporting Recruiters is far more involved than has traditionally been the case. Our Support can often span a number of platforms from the database, to the web, to the handheld device” says Paul Thompson, Sales Director.

In the 90’s databases were simple address books. The market now demands a smarter, more integrated solution and Recruiters support expectations are at an all time high, with suppliers expected to go the extra mile. The more proactive Recruiter is a much smarter, leaner machine, often with no IT expertise or admin department and meeting their demands is a challenge we’re well used to at Voyager.

Voyager Software has an advanced support facility and allows issues to be logged by phone, email or online - calls are recorded, and listened to! Uniquely support trends are followed up by the Account Managers although ‘support issues’ can often be resolved with increased user knowledge (commonly known as Training).

Repeat issues are automatically flagged to Support/Account Managers and so get a swifter, more personal response and with thousands of users worldwide Voyager offers a service which is fair to each Recruiter, and their issue.

Voyager is thought to be the only Recruitment software provider offering an 0800 free phone support telephone number. “An interesting step forward when others are charging per call, or withdrawing support from their products altogether” quotes Simon Warburton, Managing Director.

Voyager’s product range, the deployment options, how the service is accessed, paid for and supported has all moved with the times and they pride themselves of the fact that their software and services are delivered and supported in a way which works best for the recruiter.

Customers expect the utmost of support from their suppliers. Voyager’s 0800 free phone support telephone number has added to their free fortnightly online clinics (think Free Online training sessions with a human!), and the free Account Management service they offer online, on the phone or over a coffee.

In the 80’s Recruiters ran their empire from a paper notebook, now it’s a computer notepad. Voyager remains one of the best know names in the Recruitment Software world and whilst technology is running ahead at an unprecedented pace, Recruitment remains a people business – expect a personal service from Voyager.

By Paul Thompson, Sales Director of Voyager Software