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Jul 2010 - Will Recruiters Leave the UK?

news-travelling-by-airWill UK Recruiters leave the UK for a better return overseas?
by Paul Thompson, Voyager Software

The private sector has been hit hard over the last 2/3 years and some savvy recruiters have moved into the Public sector - specifically Locum/Teaching/Care and the Industrial sectors. Thanks to the Dem/Con government this market has potentially been dealt a fatal blow.

The Dem/Cons government (or is it condemns??) will potentially see those public sector recruiters suffer as recruitment freezes demolish that market. Over the next 5/7 years we predict the UK economy market may grow by as little as 2% p.a. In contrast, according to the IMF, the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia India and China) will account for 61% of global GDP in 2014.

With Recruitment being an ever more mobile service industry, and with the barriers to entry still being almost zero, UK recruiters may find themselves recruiting overseas. It’s not as unlikely as it sounds. Witness the explosion of UK recruiters in Dubai and the Middle East when that market heated up, or the UK recruiters who opened offices in Eastern European countries to bring us an army of Polish plumbers and fruit pickers.
In 2011 UK Recruiters will be recruiting locally from foreign shores.

Paul Thompson is the Sales Director for Voyager Software.

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