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Oct 2010 - Voyager Integrates with Logic Melon

Logic Melon LogoToo many multiple job-posting providers? Room for one more?  Sales Director, Paul Thompson, explains why Voyager Software has now integrated with Logic Melon for its user base...

“As one of the best known Recruitment Software suppliers, Voyager’s range of solutions are seen as the ‘data centre’ for thousands of Recruiters worldwide. In Recruitment you primarily make your money from a database and so having one collaborated solution from which third parties can integrate is fast becoming the norm. ‘Job-posting’ is largely seen by many as a commodity item these days, yet it barely existed 10 years ago.  We’ve worked with numerous multi-posting suppliers over the years and so I was keen to understand why Logic Melon was different and what it had to offer - over the others”. 

** SPECIAL OFFER ** - 25% discount on multiple job posting and candidate management for all Voyager clients. Contact the Logic Melon team on 0808 208 9797 for details.


Sep 2010 - Voyage of Discovery at 2B Interface

2B Interface LogoA Voyage of Discovery at 2B Interface

2B Interface is a five year old staffing and recruitment agency specialising in providing skilled temporary staff to UK companies – either as individuals or in contracted teams. The company has also grown dramatically over the past couple of years and its existing systems have not scaled to meet current business needs.

With hundreds of contract workers on its books and an ever growing client base, it quickly realised it needed an efficient and effective records management system. It identified the need to route calls in and out of the agency far more effectively, integrate call records within its own customer relationship management system and link both front and back office functions.

So it took the decision to design and implement its own bespoke IT system linking front and back office functions integrating VoIP unified communications to future-proof its investment.


Sep 2010 - New Integration with Drag&Tag

Drag&Tag LogoVoyager has become the first Recruitment software provider to offer ‘Drag&Tag’ ( integration for free for their Professional and Commercial customers.

Paul Thompson - Sales Director commented today “Voyager is the core recruitment workflow tool for thousands of Recruiters worldwide. With the Drag&Tag browser plug-in integrated with Voyager any useful information recruiters find online can be saved and searched on by everyone in their team. Once tagged, online content can be used to create or update a Voyager record without the user leaving their browser.


Aug 2010 - A recruiter's toolkit should be more than just a recruitment system

news-onrec-testing-times"A recruiter’s toolkit should be more than just a recruitment system" Voyager Sales Director Paul Thompson speaks to Onrec.

Screening and skills testing has become increasingly accessible and desirable as companies want quality candidates quickly and efficiently.
Testing is more critical than five years ago, due to a wider, international pool of candidates and far greater volumes of applicants, comments Paul Thompson, who is Sales Director for Voyager Software Ltd. He believes the immediate benefits of testing candidates ensures more confidence when promoting your candidates and their abilities, and also offers great speed when searching databases as you can filter far more efficiently. Combined with the right interview techniques, skill testing and screening gives you a fuller picture of the candidate profile – and ultimately makes you a more confident and capable recruiter. If you test your candidates, and your client knows this, he says they’ll be more trusting of your opinions.

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Jul 2010 - Will Recruiters Leave the UK?

news-travelling-by-airWill UK Recruiters leave the UK for a better return overseas?
by Paul Thompson, Voyager Software

The private sector has been hit hard over the last 2/3 years and some savvy recruiters have moved into the Public sector - specifically Locum/Teaching/Care and the Industrial sectors. Thanks to the Dem/Con government this market has potentially been dealt a fatal blow.

The Dem/Cons government (or is it condemns??) will potentially see those public sector recruiters suffer as recruitment freezes demolish that market. Over the next 5/7 years we predict the UK economy market may grow by as little as 2% p.a. In contrast, according to the IMF, the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia India and China) will account for 61% of global GDP in 2014.


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