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Aug 2010 - A recruiter's toolkit should be more than just a recruitment system

news-onrec-testing-times"A recruiter’s toolkit should be more than just a recruitment system" Voyager Sales Director Paul Thompson speaks to Onrec.

Screening and skills testing has become increasingly accessible and desirable as companies want quality candidates quickly and efficiently.
Testing is more critical than five years ago, due to a wider, international pool of candidates and far greater volumes of applicants, comments Paul Thompson, who is Sales Director for Voyager Software Ltd. He believes the immediate benefits of testing candidates ensures more confidence when promoting your candidates and their abilities, and also offers great speed when searching databases as you can filter far more efficiently. Combined with the right interview techniques, skill testing and screening gives you a fuller picture of the candidate profile – and ultimately makes you a more confident and capable recruiter. If you test your candidates, and your client knows this, he says they’ll be more trusting of your opinions.

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