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Apr 2009 - Recruitment start-ups flourish as high calibre staff are made redundant

news-new-business-startupVoyager has released new customer numbers identifying an upsurge in recruitment start-ups during the first four months of 2009.

We have identified that 25% of new customers in this calendar year have been start-ups, indicating that talented, motivated recruitment professionals are setting up low cost recruitment practices on their own.

“Recruiter redundancies are an everyday news item; the casualties of a tightening market as many companies have limited cost cutting options - rent, admin staff or advertising.” comments Paul Thompson, Sales Director at Voyager.

“The question for many is do you cut loose the five year serving Administrator? Or is it easier to lose the Recruiter with only one year’s experience? Many employers are losing the wrong staff because they are not able to track performance or pipeline effectively.”

“A redundancy package is the perfect safety net, offering experienced recruiters the confidence to go it alone,” he continues. “As we are seeing, by making good recruiters redundant, you are likely to be losing your clients to a newly created competitor. Flexible software models can prevent today’s talented employees from being tomorrow’s competitors.”

Voyager’s technology replaces administration tasks and provides effective management reporting enabling you to measure performance and pipeline and not simply rely on gut feel. Voyager's complete suite of solutions cover the entire Recruitment landscape from permanent recruitment to their latest offering VDQ! which handles the fast-paced temps market space. Our software can be both server based and ‘bought’ or hosted and ‘rented’.

“Recruitment will bounce back, but will you still be around? It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get back to basics,” asserts Paul. “Networking, good customer service and being competitive are absolutely vital now. Let technology do the administration and management reporting, enabling you to cut overheads without cutting consultants. Get back out there as a full time billing recruiter!”